who we are

EIII Athletics develops young men and woman boys and girls in life through fitness training and perfomance. Not only on the field/court but off of it as well providing exceptional mentorship and knowledge to the younger generation. We focus on the three domains of learning which consist of the mind, body, and spirit in teaching and developing an overall holistic athlete.

Founder of EIII Athletics is Edward Johnson Jr


EIII Athletics was established Mar 2020


E3 Athletics health & fitness company focused on speed/agility, performance ,
strength, skill, and personal training geared towards youth kids ages 6-18. & Along with personal training which all ages are welcome in that sector of the company.


EIII Athletics trains its athletes at various fields around Knox and at National
Fitness Center.


E3 Athletics was established after being laid off during the pandemic. With all the
experience and knowledge I had in sports, and health/fitness I seen a opportunity
to start my own performance/personal training business and ran with it. Sports and training have been a passion of mine since I was a kid growing up. Being from FL, performance training facilities were not available. Skill development rested solely on the school/rec team you were playing for. I created this company to give kids a place and opportunity to perfect their craft and skill development in their
journey to pursue the athletic dreams they set out for. Focusing on the overall holistic athlete geared towards the three domains of learning which consist of the mind, body, and spirit.